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Free Educational Apps for Nursery & Kindergarten

16+ Interactive Mobile Apps to help kids learn academic topics for Pre-School Toddlers, Nursery, Kindergarten and Primary School Topics.

15+ Educational Apps for Kids with Audio !

Fun Learning and Interactive Free Educational Apps for kids between the age of 2 to 6. Install all the below free apps that are suitable for Nursery and KG Kids.

body parts for 2 and 3 years kid

Body Parts App

Help your toddler learn body parts and sense organs with our fun learning app with audio.

AGE : 2 to 4

fruits and vegetables name for kids

Fruits and Vegetables

Help your kids learn the name of the fruits, vegetables and food with the free educational app.

AGE : 2 to 4

numbers learning app for nursery kindergarten

Numbers and Counting

Number learning app with Object Counting, Missing Numbers, Odd Numbers with Audio.

AGE : 3 to 6

phonics learning app for Kindergarten

Phonics App for Kids

Phonics with 3 letter words will kids learn and build spellings from different alphabet sounds.

AGE : 3 to 6

good habits and safety manners for kindergarten

Good Habits and Safety

Teach your kids Good Habits, Safety and Manners with interactive educational apps with audio.

AGE : 2 to 3

common general knowledge for kindergarten

General Knowledge

Common GK that includes My Family, Festivals, Actions, Opposites, Places, Clothes, Water Sources, etc.

AGE : 3 to 5

alphabet learning app for kindergarten

Alphabet App for Kids

Help your kids learn Alphabet Letters, Interactive Games, Missing Letters, Odd Letters, Capital and Small, etc.

AGE : 3 to 5

animals and birds sound for kids

Animals and Birds

Animals, Birds, Reptiles, Insects, Water Animals, Homes and Young ones of Animals with Sound.

AGE : 2 to 5

shapes and colours app for toddlers app

Shapes and Colour

Help your kids learn about different shapes, colours and interactive fun learning complex games.

AGE : 2 to 4

flowers name learning for preschool

Flowers App for Kids

Help toddlers, nursery and pre-primary kids learn the name of different flowers with audio.

AGE : 3 to 5

community helpers for kids

Community Helpers

Teach Kindergarten kids with different community helpers and their role in our society.

AGE : 2 to 5

vehicles learning for kids

Vehicles For Kids

Help your kids learn different types of vehicles including Road, Water and Air vehicles.

AGE : 2 to 3

nursery rhymes

Nursery Rhymes

70+ Videos for Nursery Rhymes. Includes rhyme videos for Nursery as well as Kindergarten Kids.

AGE : 2 to 5

weekdays months clock for kids

Weekdays and Months

Help your child learn Days, Months, Clock and Seasons. Audio helps them learn and pronounce faster.

AGE : 3 to 5

my home app for kids

My Home App

Help your toddlers and KG Kids to learn, identify and speak different home objects.

AGE : 2 to 4

Class 1 and 2 Math App

Select for Class 1 or Class 2 from below app list. Class 3 to 5 free android apps coming soon.

Class 1 Math Number Learning App addition subtraction

Class 1 Math App

1st Standard Math App with 1200+ examples. Addition, subtraction, game and more.

AGE : 5 to 7

class 2 math app cbse ncert

Class 2 Math App

2nd Standard Math App with 1500+ examples. Multiplication, Division game and more.

AGE : 6 to 8


70+ Interactive and Fun Learning Activity Worksheets that improves Logical & Complex Thinking, Problem Solving Skills and overall Brain Development.

Activity worksheets by the great kids

We help Toddlers, Nursery, Kindergarten and Primary kids with worksheets, educational apps and activities for kids.

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